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Meet the RoseAir 102" Widebody Diesel Pusher by Rexhall

Picture yourself cruising the continent in this magnificent mansion on wheels. This is truly an experience you deserve.

You will soon see why we chose this motorhome for this time-share offering.

RoseAir InteriorThe flagship of the Rexhall fleet brings unparalleled luxury and comfort. Rexhall has combined the ultimate in motorhome design, construction and floorplans with a superior diesel pusher chassis concept to develop the next level in RVing.

The RoseAir 102" Widebody offers you the safety, strength, and value of the welded "Uni-body" steel cage design, along with the power, performance and reliability of a Spartan Motor's rear engine diesel chassis. This chassis provides effortless driving, leaving you fit to enjoy your company and surroundings once you've set up camp.

The RoseAir 102" has been design with your comfort and good taste in mind. From the interior cabinetry, decor and floorplan, to the all new exterior body style and graphics, you'll find that you deserve what RoseAir 102" has to offer.

Living Rooms and Galleys...for your comfort and taste!

The living room and galley facilities will make you feel as though you've brought home with you.

Large comfortable sofas, rocking recliners, captain chairs that can swivel to become part of your living area. We've got'em all! With uncommonly large windows, imagine the panoramic views you'll be enjoying! Day/Night shades allow you to get as much light as you need and add to a wonderfully appointed living room.

The most complete galley in the campground comes with easy to clean "solid surface" counter tops, hardwood floor, wood drawers with metal guides and slides, (not plastic), extra large solid surface sink, coffee maker and water filter.

An optional side-by-side refrigerator provides great fridge and freezer storage, while the counter space won't leave you looking for a place to make your meals. From one course to eight, take your pick!

Master Suite...Bedroom Slides

You simply have not seen a bedroom slide until you've seen the "Master Suite" bedroom slide that Rexhall has designed. Yes! A full size , full function bedroom slide in a rear engine diesel pusher. Not a shallow wardrobe slide like other manufacturers provide. This room actually expands by approximately 24" to provide a real "Master Suite" that you won't find anywhere else.

Bathrooms...Private and Convenient

The bathroom providing a seamless one-piece shower, with toilet and sink together for the most in privacy. The all in one style provides double doors that open to close off the hallway while maintaining access to your wardrobe. The bathroom includes a brass trimmed glass shower enclosure, hard surface sink, medicine cabinet and elegant lighting fixtures. Complete and functional designs that will, once again provide what you deserve.

Storage Space? You Bet!

Exterior storage is another area where RoseAir 102" shines. Compare similar size motorhomes and you'll find that in most cases, RoseAir provides more exterior storage space than our competition. If your going to the mountains for some skiing, you've practically got room for the mountain. Going to the lake? ...Catch your limit you can bring them all home. Maybe going to the beach for a luau, you've got room for the pig and his pen.

Storage space isn't an afterthought. Our slide-out units actually have storage compartments that move out with the slide room, so your access, even when the room is fully extended, is not impeded. RoseAir has been designed to make your life easier... because that's what you deserve.

In the image of the framework on the RoseAir, you can see the 2" vacuum bonded sidewall and the welded (not screwed) Uni-Body Steel Cage that makes the difference in strength, value and safety in the Rexhall motorhome.

The engine of choice for this machine is a Cummins ISC 8.3, 330 HP engine with 950 Ft/Lbs of Torque. The transmission is an Allison MD3060 Electronic Six-Speed.


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