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How the System Works

We offer one of the most competitive and attractive timeshare offers available anywhere. We think this is a great opportunity to travel in space and luxury without the normal headaches.

You buy your time in weekly segments with a purchase minimum of two (2) weeks.

Your price: $8,000 Canadian per week.

There is a yearly maintenance and replacement fee of 10% of the purchase price. Example: At $16,000 (two weeks) you would pay $1,600 per year. This includes insurance, maintenance, and complete replacement of the unit with a new unit every 3 years or less.

When you make your purchase you choose a yearly timeslot. During this time each year you are entitled to the exclusive use of your motorhome anywhere in North America.

If desired, you may change your timeslot, or purchase more time if your requested time is available.

If the company should discontinue the service, the motorhomes would be sold and the proceeds returned to timeshare members relative to the amount of their timeshares owned. Also timeshare owners would have first opportunity to purchase the unit.

When all shares for the current motorhome are sold out, share sales for a new unit begin. For the purchase of any new motorhome, timeshare purchase money is placed in a trust account until the purchase can be made. If the purchase cannot be made within six (6) months, the purchaser has the option to withdraw and receive a complete guaranteed refund.

You own your timeshare for the lifetime of you and your spouse. You may sell at any time. Sales must be approved through our office and our office is always willing to help you make the sale.

There is also a 10% referral fee paid out to anyone who refers a new timeshare sale to our office.


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