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Sample Bookset

Sample of Bookset. Book text includes Protestant & Catholic computer and lined pages. Click on image to see larger version. Includes 6-ring memorial register book, music card, minister card, acknowledgment card, bearer card and floral card envelope.


Other ThemesOther Themes: These 6 ring Memorial/Register Books have matching acknowledgment cards, bearer cards, minister cards, music cards, and service folders. Floral Card Envelope comes with each book.



Memorial / Register Books

Memorial / Register Books: A wide variety of book types are available including Clear Front, Cerlox binding, Padded Vinyl cover, Leather, and Suede cover in an attractive selection of colors.



Paper Insert CoversPaper Insert Covers: There are a large variety of beautiful and popular insert covers available. Click image to see samples.



Service Folders

Service Folders: Our service folders are specially designed, time proven favorites. Click image to see samples.



Specialty ItemsSpecialty Items: Statements of death, clergy records, funeral arrangement folders, announcement cards, appreciation cards, mass cards, comfort cards, urn cards and casket cards. Music CD's and Cassettes Available.


Hymnals: Your choice of a pleasing array of colors and cover graphic themes are available. Music for piano and organ is also available. Covers include Rose Spray, Praying Hands, Wheat, Organ, Custom Design, Dogwood, Single Rose.

Native Themes

Native Themes: Design specially for native culture these beautiful works of art have become favorites for native ceremonies.


Silent Memories Silent Memories: Designed by loving parents to be left a short period of time at the grave site, for friends and relatives to write their memories to help in the healing process and to be cherished. It can be used at the reception and at the home. This book has been well received by those who have tried it. Package includes a plastic, weatherproof box with ground stake and pen.


Our BabyOur Baby and Precious Child Register Book: Our Baby has matching acknowledgment cards, bookmarks and service folders. Precious Child is for older children.



PortfoliosPortfolios: High quality portfolios are available in popular colors and materials.


CrucifixesCrucifixes, Rosaries and Plaques: A very comprehensive collection of high quality faith symbols are available with special orders welcome. Also available are Gold Corpus and Gold Praying Hands.


Stanley Creations

Stanley Creations: These magnificent works of wood art are ideal keepsakes. Made from the variation in color of various woods by a master artist, these are truly a unique and lasting way to remember a loved one. We are the only suppliers of these special items.

Miscellaneous Items: We also supply a wide variety of funeral home supplies such as latex gloves and laminating supplies. Ask us for details.

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